groove recording tricks

put some mic´s and wire with your DAW... drink some beers, coffee or tea... chill around, feel relaxed and tell your drummer he´s the best - right on! :)

Free downloadcodes | first-come first choice!

Hey folks!

We spread some free downloadcodes for our latest releases to say thanks for all your support so
far! Thanks for your physical support in front of the stages and also for spreading some words virtually about  Born To Hula. Last but not least thanks for listen to our tunes anywhere!

At the moment we´re recording the upcoming album "Dirty Tapes" we will hopefully release in fall this year latest in spring next year. We´re schedule a little tour for the end of October this year right now. Until then we will hit the road here end there and hope to see you out there!

"Tales of Love"

"Sunrise Radio"

Grab your tunes here and type in your code! First-come first choice!

Beside this ones you can name your price or dowload for free our first EP "Sunset Radio" here!

Peace, Love & Sun,
Your Huladudes.

HEUTE: Grandfather vs. Born To Hula | EXIL - Bad Liebenstein

Liebe Leute, heut´s gibt´s im Wald auf die Ohren und zwar im Exil in Bad Liebenstein in der Barchfelder Strasse 30.