"Born To Hula" was founded in 2006. Their first EP "Sunset Radio" was released in the same year and spread rapidly in Germany by the numerous shows, which the band played. In the following years they toured diligently and hone down their songs. 2008 the next EP "Midnight Radio" were finished for distribution by themself. In 2010 "Born To Hula" boarded the "Atomino Studio" to release their first album "Sunrise Radio", which in 2011 as a 10 inch vinyl in gatefold was released by Setalight Records. Incidentally "Sunset Radio" and "Sunrise Radio" were published digitally, the latter the EP "Midnight Radio" contains. The "Sunrise trilogy" was finished. That´s the time for their first full length album "Tales of Love". In the same year the guys started new recordings for the album which now will released in October by "Setalight Records" and distributed by "Rough Trade". The songs are only available on vinyl and digitally to have. CD is out! Simultaneously with the publication they will do the "Tales of Love - Tour" through Germany, Poland and Holland. The next album "Dirty Tapes" will be published in 2014. "Born To Hula" now touring around the country since 2006. They develop and are constantly evolving alongside bands such as "Coogan's Bluff", "DxBxSx", "Iguana" , "Rotor", "The Machine", "Buckweedz" and many other and be a part of the East German rock scene.